a b o u t   LiveWell Indonesia

LiveWell Indonesia is a collaboration efforts of individuals and organizations to help Indonesians who really want to improve their health and lifestyles. Here at LiveWell Indonesia, we share a vision to establish communities that will live longer, better!

We are about spreading this “living well" attitude, starting with the Indonesian business professionals; the economic pillar of our society. We are talking to various medical, health and lifestyle providers, conducting research, sharing expert information, campaigning and spreading the word about disease prevention, about lifestyle choices, about living well.

We will not go with the conventional "eat your vegetables, they're good for you." LiveWell will go with “here are some choices you can realistically make, stick with and feel really good about.” Because in the end, you don't have to choose between being happy and being healthy; they're really the same thing


T H E    T E A M




o u r  first Movement

Love Is Why is a Celebration of People and Things we love – those that make life worth living LONGER.

This campaign runs from October 10 until December 31, 2017 with eye-and-mind-opening activities that showcase living longer, healthier and happier must start TODAY and EVERYDAY. Because to be healthy is not just about you, but often times, it is about being around longer for your loved ones, and things you like to do.


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