About LiveWell Indonesia

Our Story

Because we believe, every life is worth living!

Livewell Indonesia is a next-gen health & wellness digital media organisation for healthy-minded millennials. Our vision is to educate and create a nation that is building better health, living safely & thriving. It aligns the passions and efforts of individuals, organisations and special interest communities to help you realise that your life is worth living.

Our goal is to help you make well-informed decision, to take healthy — or wellness actions every day to live a healthy, safe and thriving life. We give you the tools. You make the rules.

  • Eat Well to help you skim through myths and facts of healthy food and drinks
  • Feel Well because we understand that holistic wellness, includes you feeling the best you can
  • Plan Well to help you plan your future, regardless of where you are now
  • Work Well our tool for you to achieve a healthy work-life balance

Found in 2020 by people who care about helping other people to realise that every single life is worth living

At LiveWell Indonesia we are dedicated to help you find what’s real, smart, lasting, and workable. And most important, what’s right for you and that amazing life you’re creating.

With a focus on health, food, learning, work and life & wealth planning, we meet you where you are in every part of your life. Whether we’re talking about dinner recipes, vaccinations, sex, brain health, or how not to choose a bad insurance, you can trust that our content is evidence-based, science-backed, and expert-approved.